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Elevator pitch: Women Overlanding the World Retreats

Women can explore Costa Rica's mountains, beaches, and waterfalls while camping and staying in luxury hotels.

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Ride the elevator with Taylor Pawley, Sunny Eaton, Karin Balsley, and Ashley Giordano, of Women Overlanding the World Retreats.

We are a group of women who love to travel. More specifically, we love to overland. Overlanding as we define it is long-term, self-supported, vehicle-based travel, in which you travel in order to experience new and different cultures from your own. During our overland travels, we have slept in rooftop tents, crossed international borders, and have collectively experienced cultures in over 50 countries, all under the power of our own vehicles. Now we want to share our love of this kind of travel with the world. 

Starting in May 2019, we will be offering 10-day, women’s-only overland retreats in beautiful, tropical, gorgeous Costa Rica. We’ll travel in fully-equipped adventure rigs, experiencing everything from the comforts of the city to campsites on remote beaches to luxury hotels just steps from one of the best wildlife refuges in the world—all while growing and learning new skills in a group of like-minded women. 

These retreats are designed and guided by women that have extensive experience in Costa Rica and Latin America. Our ratio of guides to participants is 3:1, and that will be apparent in the attention to detail that we have placed in getting to know our guests and their specific needs and wants. We can’t wait to get women off the tourist track and into the real parts of Costa Rica, but more importantly, to give them the confidence to get behind the wheel and explore those places themselves. 

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