Blumenfeld and Associates PR


Blumenfeld and Associates is a boutique marketing public relations agency in the New York area founded in February 1980. Agency services concentrate on Public Relations and Publicity, Special Event Planning and Implementation, and Sponsorship Evaluation and Management.

The agency’s specialties include active outdoor recreation, sports and special event sponsorship, adventure marketing, fashion, liquor and beverage marketing, consumer product publicity, and travel industry promotion.

While small by design, we are fortunate to have worked for some of the country’s largest corporations, generating strong, highly visible publicity, and planning and implementing special events that attract thousands of spectators and generate millions of media impressions.

Clients served include 3M Insulation Products, American MENSA, Burlington Industries, CIGNA, The Coleman Company, Du Pont, Eveready Battery, Konica USA (film and cameras), Iceland Tourist Board, Lands’ End, Life Magazine, Lucent Technologies, Milliken, The Orvis Company, Ralston Purina, Raymarine, Russell Corp., Spartan Race, The Big E (top 10 U.S. state fair), The Running Event, Timberland, Timex, Umpqua Feather Merchants (fly-fishing), US Rowing, Virgin Atlantic, Wacoal Sports Science Corp., and W.L. Gore & Associates.

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