Cool find of the day: Foothill Fuels' Bio-White Gas

Feed your fires without petroleum.

Foothill Fuels hopes that consumers will see this as a viable and green alternative to traditional white gas.

As society becomes increasingly more concerned with the impact individuals have on the environment, it’s only natural that “green” alternatives will pop up to replace older and more harmful models. The outdoor industry is definitely no exception to that.

Foothill Fuels has created a renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to the common fuel made from petroleum. It’s called bio-white gas and is priced at $13 for one quart.

Manufactured from vegetable waste and agricultural oils, this fuel alternative produces 50-percent less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional white gas. 

The product is a replacement for standard fuels used in camp-stoves; in other words, the consumer doesn’t have to buy new gear or adaptors to use the fuel. 

Bio-white Gas is set to hit the market fall 2019. Any retailers interested in Foothill Fuels can email Brian Kennedy at