Did you hear?…Cybex, FreeMotion, Ivanko at

Been to or taken a look at the New Year's resolution fitness section lately? You'll find, of course, all the usual suspects...but take a closer look at the brands.

Been to or taken a look at the New Year’s resolution fitness section lately? Click here to take a look. You’ll find, of course, all the usual suspects, including ellipticals, home gyms, weight sets, accessories and even “fitness rooms” — all from the likes of Ironman, Marcy, Weider, Proform, Universal, LifeGear, Bowflex or Everlast. But take a closer look at the brands. Surprise…. On the list you also find a Cybex recumbent bike ($600 — which we discovered is made by Lamar Health & Fitness with a license for the Cybex name), a FreeMotion Fitness Smith ($800) and an Ivanko Home Gym ($1,000). Yup, a home gym with the Ivanko name.

We checked out and found no home gyms, but DID find a letter from a few months ago pointing out that an inexpensive dumbbell set with tiered rack with its name at Costco (“Powered by Ivanko,” according to the box at the discount retailer) was being sold and manufactured under license by Impex Fitness Products and “should not be confused with the quality products offered by Ivanko.” The letter went on to say that since the set was “not a genuine Ivanko product, the quality and accuracy of this product cannot be verified by our sales staff and we do not provide any technical product or warranty support.”

Ivanko President Tom Lincir told SNEWS® the home gym was also manufactured by Impex under license, with Ivanko’s approval. “We liked it,” he said.  

Products in the brick-and-mortar stores may differ from those online, we have been told, so no guarantees what will be in your local Costco.