Elevator Pitch | Buoy Wear

This floatable hat is ideal for any and all water activities.

The Buoy Wear team has dedicated over three years perfecting these floating hats, which are quick-drying and lightweight.Courtesy

Ride the elevator with John Ruffing, CEO.

Buoy Wear customers can now rest assured they will never lose their hat while participating in their favorite water sport. My company is created and operated by globe-trotting water sports enthusiasts. We are all on a mission to invent exceptional looking floating hats that can be worn all day, every day – both on and off the water.

The lightweight materials are both quick dry and microbial, but most importantly, our hats float.

Buoy Wear Hats

All hats are waterproof and float on water.


The adjustable snapback fits most heads.


The hats are made out of a 100 percent quick-dry polyester shell.


Our hats combine sun and water defeating functionality with surf-to-turf style. Now available in five color combinations, Buoy Wear customers can seize the day wearing a single hat.

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