Elevator pitch | AKU Tengu GTX

This summer, AKU debuts new ultralight trekking and backpacking boots.

AKU Tengu GTX and Tengu Low GTX
AKU the Tengu GTX and Tengu Low GTX in Turquoise/Orange.AKU

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Ride the elevator with Sam McCoubrey, general manager of AKU North America.

This summer, AKU introduces the Tengu GTX and Tengu Low GTX. Both feature the company’s proprietary Elica Natural Stride System technology. The system starts with an anatomical last that best represents the true shape of the foot. From there, the insole board, midsole, and outsole have each been designed to adapt to normal heel and forefoot inclination to ultimately reduce impact and strain on the foot and provide an even distribution of foot pressure. The result is an asymmetrical sole design that offers more shock absorbers on the outward part of the heel where the foot strikes the ground and on the big toe area that is the propulsion zone. The lugs on the tread under the ball and toe area protrude outwards to increase contact surface and evenly distribute the push-off force. 

The Tengu GTX boot is designed for core backpackers on mixed terrain and the Tengu Low GTX is a lighter weight trekking boot. Both have uppers made with AKU’s ultra lightweight AIR8000 nylon paired with Gore-Tex elastic sock for comfort, waterproofness, breathability, and a precision fit. The outsole is constructed with Vibram Curcuma. 

AKU’s headquarters are located in Montebelluna, Italy, in the province of Treviso, and the North American office is based in Montreal, Canada. Since the 1950s, AKU has grown from a small workshop into a company that sells footwear in 23 countries.

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