Elevator pitch: Infinite Coolers

Don't wrench your back carrying a cooler full of drinks—roll it.

Infinite Coolers prototype
This is a prototype of the Infinite All Terrain Series cooler, which has a built-in deployable wheel assembly.Infinite Coolers

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Ride the elevator with A.J. Gonzales, founder of Infinite Coolers.

The days of struggling to lug a cooler from Point A to Point B are over. As most of you already know, rotomolded coolers like YETI’s are great. They hold ice for days and are extremely durable. However, the one major issue is weight. When these coolers are full of ice and beverages they can weigh up to 90 pounds, making it virtually impossible for one person to carry alone. 

Infinite Coolers came up with a solution that completely eliminates the issue. The Infinite All Terrain Series Cooler has a built-in deployable wheel assembly that allows you to roll the cooler right along, and you never have to worry about carrying it again. The wheels are not the only benefit you’ll get with the Infinite Cooler. With us being a small company, we put great detail into the design of this cooler, from the latches to the thick insulation to the built-in durable side handles, this cooler is better in every aspect. Our mission is to simplify the consumers’ life when it comes to transporting their coolers.

A Kickstarter campaign for the cooler ends this Friday.

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