Elevator Pitch: KURU Footwear

Once the dream of a 12-year-old with a sneaker fascination, KURU emerged in 2009 as the "world's most comfortable shoe."

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Ride the elevator with Bret Rasmussen, founder, inventor, and CEO at KURU Footwear.

KURU Footwear is an established online footwear brand that is forging a new footwear category—performance foot health—with the debut of the Atom. 

Unique to KURU is the company’s patented, triple-layer, “heel-hugging” technology, called the KURUSOLE. It’s designed and perfected to both support and preserve the heel and its natural cushion known as the “fat pad.” 

KURU Footwear product shot
The men’s Atom in colonial blue.KURU Footwear

Very few recognize the fat pad, a beneficial anatomical gift found in the human heel that serves as the body’s natural cushion and shock absorber. Gravity and hard surfaces work against human biomechanics and once the fat pad is worn down or decimated, it cannot be plumped back up or repaired. In fact, it is a body part that often goes unnoticed and uncared for until one suffers a foot ailment or injury such as plantar fasciitis. 

For 10 years, KURU has focused on health from the ground up and encourages activity and mobility at every age and stage. In response to growing demand for a sport casual performance shoe, KURU introduced the Atom. Featuring a slim, sock-like design for comfort and a breathable air mesh upper, the Atom can be worn all day from weight room to break room, while keeping nature’s natural cushion perfectly aligned and “hugged” during activity. 

The Atom is now available for men ($125) in jet black and colonial blue, and for women ($120) in mauve, jet black, and aqua blue. 

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