Elevator Pitch | Noso Patches

You're in an elevator bound for the 88th floor with Kelli Jones, founder and CEO of Noso Patches. Here's her rap.

We make repair and embellishment patches for outdoor and recreational products.

Elevator Pitch | Noso Patches
Noso patches not only repair tears and holes, they make a bold style statement.

Our mission is to partner with large companies and provide them with patches which they can bundle with their products in an effort to extend the lifespan of their gear. You get a button when purchasing a new sweater, so why not offer a patch with new nylon jacket, sleeping bag, backpack or tent. Products made of nylon have the potential to rip, snag or tear so why not include a simple repair solution bundled with your product that your customers can utilize themselves. This takes the burden off your repair department and reduces textile waste by facilitating DIY repairs. By offering patches with your products, we help your company reduce its negative impact on the environment and strengthen the outdoor industry as a whole. To extend the life of your gear, or express your individuality, Noso Patches are available in six different colors, thirteen shapes, and five variety packages of three. They are sold online at our store can be found in select retailers across the country and we also make custom patches for companies like Stio and Big Agnes.

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