Elevator pitch: Orsce climbing shoes

Orsce designs flexible merino wool climbing shoes meant to prevent long-term damage to climbers’ feet.

Orsce Woolrala climbing shoe
Orsce Woolrala climbing shoeOrsce

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Ride the elevator with Jaehag Jung, founder of Orsce.

We’ve spent a decade designing innovative climbing gear and have over thirty years of experience on the rocks, so we know that battered feet are a given amongst climbers. The constrictive fit of all the top performance-geared climbing shoes on the market is an orthopedist’s nightmare, and we accept that as an integral part of the never-ending grind. No pain, no gain, right? 

We don’t agree. At Orsce, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a better climbing shoe. Our merino wool shoes conform to the foot’s natural shape, allowing for greater flexibility and range of movement without compromising performance. Our eco-friendly merino wool is also lightweight and breathable, allowing the material to naturally minimize odors. We offer a soft belay shoe, the Oblay, and a climbing shoe, the Woolrala. We at Orsce aim to change the game for the next generation of climbers.

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