Evolv Launches Anticipated Shaman Climbing Shoe

Developed from the ground up by climbing legend Chris Sharma, the Shaman climbing shoe by Evolv is now available.

Buena Park, CA (April 26, 2011) – Evolv is releasing the Shaman climbing shoe after a globally anticipated launch. Developed from the ground up by climbing legend Chris Sharma, the Shaman features unique technology specific to climbing some of the hardest routes and problems in the world.

“We’re very excited to finally launch the Shaman which is our most advanced climbing shoe model to date. Chris poured a lot of energy into the Shaman project and was very active in the entire design and development process to make it as perfect as possible.” says Evolv CEO, Brian Chung.

The Shaman incorporates several key design elements that work synergistically to perform at the highest level such as the power toe box and love bump that puts the big toe in a power of position and arch/heel rand that eliminates dead space in the arch and transfers power to the toes. Recently, Chris Sharma completed a new route that he was working on for over a year, “First Round, First Minute”, which is potentially one of the hardest climbs in the world, equipped with the new Shamans.

Chris Sharma says, “I’m really excited about my new shoe, the Shaman. With all the new technical features that I incorporated into it, it feels like the perfect shoe and has a really powerful yet comfortable fit. It is by far the best shoe that I’ve ever used! It was so good to finally send ‘First Round’ the other day. It’s definitely one of my hardest, if not my hardest route to date. I needed a lot of patience to finally nail the redpoint crux after falling over 50 times. Call it a coincidence, but I finally sent it using the new Shamans once I received them. Maybe that was the little extra something that I needed!”

Evolv Company Profile

Evolv was founded in Southern California in 2003 and has become a leading force in the climbing footwear market in the US and globally. Designing and producing some of the best performing and selling technical climbing shoes, Evolv sponsors several of the most prolific and talented climbers in the sport like icons Chris Sharma, (Lisa Rands, Peter Croft, Emily Harrington, and Matt Segal). All Evolv climbing footwear uses their proprietary high friction TRAX® rubber soles as key technology and also licenses TRAX® rubber to other performance sports brands. For more information, please go to and