Fitness Reads: Stop fat shaming, plus yoga and CrossFit get cozy

Find out what interesting things the SNEWS team read this week.

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  • This might be a no-brainer, but fat shaming is no bueno. This NBC news story reports on a study that finds overweight people who felt discriminated against were more likely to gain additional weight or stay at an unhealthy weight. When they’re made to feel inferior, it causes them stress which leads to stress eating.
  • Apparently women experience more instances of shortness of breath when they exercise than men of a similar age do, because women have higher electrical activation of the respiratory muscles of the diaphragm. This is to compensate for their biologically smaller lungs, this Science Daily story said.
  • Now the company that produces some of your customers’ favorite apparel is now going to make fitness tracking services. According to this story, Under Armour recently put down $150 million to acquire MapMyFitness.
  • Many of the functional training group systems we’ve been seeing at trade shows are finally making a splash in the consumer world — for example, the Life Fitness Synergy 360. Check out this blog post about the product and how it provides “one heck of a one-hour workout.”
  • There are a lot of ways we’ve been determining fitness levels over the years — body mass index calculators, body fat measurements, VO2 max measurement — but this Men’s Journal story might have a simpler measure. The article has an online calculator that factors in your age, how often and intensely you work out, how large your waist is and what is your resting heart rate.
  • With just a few weeks left in the year, everybody is already looking forward to 2014. In terms of fitness trends, it seems to be more of the same in 2014, according to this story. Oh, except that Zumba isn’t the hot-ticket group class anymore. Now CrossFit and high-intensity workouts like P90X top the list.
  • Another popular trends noted in the previous article was yoga. This Daily Camera story reports that some folks in Colorado are combining it with CrossFit. The class combines beginner yoga movements with CrossFit workouts.
  • Last week we brought you Health Notes, which included a study on how exercising while pregnant makes for healthy arteries in babies that stay healthy into adulthood. Turns out exercising while pregnant also improves babies’ brain development, according to this CBS News story.
  • There’s a country love song we once heard with a line that says, “Timing is everything.” Apparently that’s not just true for love, but for exercise as well. According to this story, people will get the most benefit from exercise if they do it after their largest meal of the day.
  • Here’s a good article to get your treadmill junkie customers to buy some strength equipment. Apparently strength training can help runners get faster, stronger and be less prone to injuries. We’re believers, as we’ve been strength training for about a month and it’s ridded us of the hip popping we’d accepted as part of our lives. Oh, and the article also says women shouldn’t be lifting tiny weights, but rather focus on heavy weights because light lifting is equivalent to cardio and that’s not really strength training at all, is it?

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