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SNEWS Qs, Alden Mills, vice president of Perfect Fitness

SNEWS chats with Alden Mills, a former Navy SEAL and the vice president of Perfect Fitness. Read about the training program he developed, and new products coming down the line.

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The physical fitness of Navy SEALs might stretch beyond the reach of an everyday consumer — but our military’s elite serve as role models, and some are creating the hottest fitness products to help people reach their goals.

Alden Mills, a seven-year veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs, platoon commander and the vice president of Perfect Fitness, developed the training principles and innovations behind Perfect Fitness products like the Perfect Pushup. Mills developed the products to eliminate injuries many SEALs suffered by substituting functional training for old-school methods.��

SNEWS brings you Mills’ thoughts on IHRSA, his company’s products and plans for future innovations.

What’s your latest product on the market?
The Perfect Ab-Carver Pro. [It features a] kinetic engine, which is a carbon steel spring that helps turbo charge your workout. It adds resistance as you roll out and assistance as you roll back to the starting point.

Who is the target end-user?

We design our products and workouts for all fitness levels, giving people tools to build up to higher-intensity workouts. The Ab-Carver is a tough exercise, so the person who wants to use it is typically someone that is ready to take their workout to the next level and get six-pack abs.

What are some of the big trends you’re seeing in the fitness industry, especially having just returned from IHRSA?
One of the growing trends in fitness is body weight exercises using hand-held products that allow you to do multiple exercises. People are moving away from the bigger singular pieces — they take up too much room and don’t offer as much flexibility. People have downsized homes and the smaller products are more flexible. Home workouts become more about variety in the programming than a big heavy machine. Variety is the spice of life!

What do you think are some of the big challenges facing the fitness industry and how can we overcome them?
The people who stand to gain the most (those who are overweight or inactive), are not embracing fitness fundamentals. The perception is that it is too hard and we want people to appreciate that small incremental steps make a big difference over time. It is all about taking the first step. People need to understand that gaining 50 extra pounds didn’t happen overnight, and you can’t lose it overnight. The focus should be on a multi-year journey, not a gimmick.

Of the new products you saw at IHRSA, which one caught your attention the most and why?
Under Armor 39. The idea of being able to measure power is the next generation of activity sensor and the technology used to track output is one of the emerging trends. It might not work for everyone but tracking willpower is an interesting concept.

What was the highlight for you of this year’s IHRSA?

The high-energy people and companies that consistently provide a positive attitude and products/programs that allow people to take control of their body. It is very energizing for me!

What products do you have in the works that you’re most excited about?
We are working on an activity-based monitor system.

–Ana Trujillo