Lilypond Roadrunner Carry-on Rolling Duffel

Lilypond's Roadrunner duffel not only looks great, but this rugged hauler also stands up to the all the abuse airport luggage handlers can dish out.


Launched in summer 2009, Lilypond produces high-quality lifestyle and travel bags for women. Taking cues from its sister brand, Fishpond, all the pieces — from messenger bags and purses to backpacks and luggage — come in vibrant colors with decorative webbing details and durable materials for ruggedness.

The Roadrunner carry-on rolling duffel is one of two wheeled pieces in the company’s travel collection. The 21-inch piece is designed to be that “perfect” weekend duffel with unstructured roominess to hold a couple days worth of clothes, toiletries and even a pair of shoes. We also used it as a mobile office on one trip, holding our computer, assorted cords and electronic gadgets, as well as work files, notebooks and the like.

Everything about the Roadrunner is built to last: durable ballistic nylon fabric, abrasion-resistant trim, pewter hardware, rugged zippers with textured rubber tabs and reinforced stitching. It’s been banged around in overhead compartments of planes and trunks of cars and still looks like it just came out of the box.

Like most duffels, the interior is one big compartment where you can just dump your stuff in via the anvil-shaped, zip-top opening. It has two interior pockets and one exterior pocket — all of which are zippered, roomy and deep, so they actually can fit a variety of things, like undies, sport bras, bathing suits, brushes, a cosmetics kit — those little things you take on trips that can normally get lost in the main compartment. The exterior pocket is also a good place to tuck a boarding pass and ID so you can get to them quickly at the TSA checkpoint.

Lilypond makes it easy to transport the Roadrunner, as it comes with wheels, hand straps and a padded shoulder strap. It has acrylic in-line skate wheels for easy rolling and a fairly standard telescoping pull handle with a positive lock. It has two tracks of plastic on the underside to provide extra structure and protection for the fabric. Unfortunately, if the duffel is filled to capacity, it has a tendency to fall over rather than stay upright.

It has an extra hand strap on top for a quick grab and go. But we wish it had a second hand strap on the opposite side, so the duffel could be moved or carried using both hands when it’s fully packed and heavy.

Overall, we’re impressed with the craftsmanship of the Roadrunner — it’s going to hold up for a long time and look pretty doing it.

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