Join six environmental nonprofits in one sweep with the My Planet Pass

1% for the Planet's new membership program unlocks access to six organizations protecting Mother Earth.

In the same way that the Epic, Ikon, and Mountain Collective ski passes have revolutionized the ski industry by giving passholders access to multiple mountains, 1% for the Planet’s new pass program is transforming the way individuals can donate to environmental nonprofits.

Launched in October 2018, the My Planet Pass—with membership levels at $200, $300, and $400—gives passholders access to six different nonprofits: 1% for the Planet as well as Protect our Winters (POW), TreeSisters, National Forest Foundation, Save the Waves Coalition, and Slow Food.

My Planet Pass membership
My Planet Pass partners include TreeSisters, POW, National Forest Foundation, Save the Waves Coalition, and Slow Food.1% for the Planet

“Our overall mission as an organization is to accelerate smart, environmental giving,” 1% for the Planet CEO Kate Williams said. “We want to get more people coming together to give, and to feel like they’re supported in making those giving choices and fired up about being part of a larger community committed to giving to the environment.”

The global organization was started in 2002 by Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews to help brands give back one percent of their gross revenue. Since then, its 1,200 member businesses—633 joined in 2018—have given more than $200 million to environmental nonprofits.

But in an effort to inspire giving at the individual level, 1% for the Planet in 2017 started offering individual memberships. Now, the purchase of a pass goes toward an individual’s annual contribution. To choose the five nonprofits for the pass, Williams said they didn’t have to look very far since 1% for the Planet partners with thousands of worthy causes.

Passholders also get more benefits, like access to magazine and newsletter subscriptions, seasonal gifts and discounts on gear from partner brands, member T-Shirts and other swag, trees planted in members’ names, and exclusive events all over the country.

“The My Planet Pass was really an effort to make individual membership as powerful as possible in terms of gaining access immediately to this suite of really strong nonprofits while also including in that the opportunity to step into individual membership for 1% for the Planet,” Williams said.

So far, 1% for the Planet has certified $20,000 in donations—and Williams isn’t even sure if those donations add up to the full one percent from everyone.

By creating a product that people are already familiar with, and bundling organizations into one transaction, 1% for the Planet hopes to remove barriers to environmental giving.

“Whether you’re a company or an individual, whether you’re a wealthy person or a college student, everyone has a one percent,” Williams said.

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