OR Winter Market 04 Update — Hemp brownies, strawberry waffles

Hemp brownies at the Tilly booth, free foot massages at Fox River, hot waffles with strawberries and cream at Dunham, learning what teenagers want with Gore, and beer with undies at Marmot...

OIWC needs volunteers for its booth
OIWC is looking for a few good women — men are acceptable too, thank goodness — to help staff its booth at Winter Market. The goal is to raise awareness about the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition. Volunteer staffers will be explaining OIWC’s mission, answering questions, and inviting people to attend the Winter Gathering and Pioneering Woman Award presentation. The group is looking for volunteers to fill two-hour shifts throughout the show; it will provide trade show badges. There will be training available in the morning prior to the show opening. The OIWC booth will be set up in Advocacy Alley. If you can help or know of someone who would like to assist, please contact Kitty Bradley at

Do you have a trade show event you think is worth noting?
If you have a trade show event that’s scheduled, confirmed, and more than just an introduction of a new product (as in, entertaining and educational), fire an email to the SNEWS team at

The SNEWS® team is continually weeding through all the press release fluffery and mounds of show announcements to bring you only events we believe are really worth the time. To that end, mark your calendars for the following:

>> Tilley has a new Hemp Hat line, so, naturally, it’s baking to celebrate. But before you get all wide-eyed, we have to tell you that these are not “those” kind of brownies. To show the versatility and usefulness of hemp, delicious and very nutritious hemp brownies made with hemp flour and hemp oil will be given out. Stop by Tilley, booth 2450, to try on a hat and munch on a brownie (or munch on a hat and try on a brownie, the choice is yours). What is remarkable is that both brownie and hat are made from the same amazing plant. Tilley is also donating a portion of each sale of the Hemp Hat line to benefit Street Kids International which helps provide urban youth around the world the skills and opportunities to make better lives for themselves (

>> Yummy! There’s nothing better than starting your morning with a plate of hot, fresh waffles, covered in strawberries topped with a mound of fresh whipped cream. Dunham continues the waffle tradition it began several shows ago, as a wonderful way to draw attention to its Waffle Stomper collection of footwear. In addition to serving waffles, Dunham is inviting all show participants to come get properly sized at Dunham’s exclusive fitting station.

>> OK, there is only one other thing as good as waffles and strawberries in the morning — a free foot massage. So, when you’ve finished wolfing down a plateful, head over to Fox River, booth 2019, and trade in your old socks for some fresh, new ones and, while you’re there, give your dogs a much-needed rub. Can’t make it after breakfast? No worries. The free sock exchange and foot rubs are going on each day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

>> It seems just about everyone is serving beer in their booths these days so a beer bash just doesn’t do it for us anymore. However, Marmot turned our heads with the note its bash will highlight their its-microbial underwear. Now this starts to sound interesting. Are we to imagine the whacky folk at Marmot walking around in long underwear serving beer? Heck, just the thought of seeing John Cooley, Tom Fritz and Steve Crisafulli in underwear is enough to make us, well, ummm, order a double. Marmot, booth 3321, on Friday, Jan. 30, from 5-6 p.m.

>> Yeah, we know it is the morning after the industry party, but drag your weary butt out of bed anyway. If you’re not going to be at the Conservation Alliance membership meeting and talk, then head to the W.L. Gore-sponsored round-table discussion to learn how teens perceive our industry and what we might be able to do to garner their interest. Brian Gallagher, marketing strategist for Gore, is heading a panel of teenagers who will very likely speak their minds, so buckle up gang. Head to the Marriott Downtown, Saturday, Jan. 31, from 7:30-9 a.m. to listen to the panel.