Outdoor Reads: What amazes children? Crazy for beanies?

Find out what we read that was awesome this week.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • When you watch kids experience something wonderful for the first time, it’s exciting. When kids are first exposed to national parks, it’s definitely thrilling for this industry, especially with all the talk of getting kids interested in the outdoors to sustain business. Check out this National Parks blog post about a program that introduces kids to national parks and how one group of youngsters reacted to their first trip to Zion.
  • There’s nothing you will read today that will break your heart quite like this CNN story. One Kansas man, who had crashed his car in a Utah ravine, spent his dying days writing love letters to his wife and children. Nobody seems to know why he left, where he was going, or what exactly the letters said.
  • Our favorite season is almost over. We’re falling back this week and soon the snow will be falling as well (we’ve already had a few dustings). Winter hiking is in order. For those of you in the Knoxville, Tenn., area there will be some winter hiking workshops and outings scheduled in November that your customers could take advantage of. Check out this list of events.
  • The holidays are among us and your sales associates are about to embark upon the busiest shopping time of the year. What is your policy when they’re sick? Certainly it isn’t good for customer service when a customer goes in for some boots and takes home the flu instead. If your associates come into work sick, they’re not the only ones. According to this story about 90 percent of office workers go to work sick even when they know they’re contagious. We’re not sure if that same statistic holds true for retail workers.
  • We love beanies. There’s a whole basket of beanies in our closet and we want more. Clearly, it’s a problem. Then we stumble upon stories like this one in Snowboarding Magazine that rounds up the best beanies and gloves for this upcoming winter season. We want to go shopping.
  • Whatever fads come in, people have opinions. This time it’s the folks who wrote this Military Times Post about how scientists are weighing in on the latest trends from CrossFit to barefoot running (they’re a little late on this one, no?). See what they have to say, since CrossFit-like cross training workouts are becoming more popular for mountain athletes.
  • Rooftop glamping? Sleeping in eco-pod domes? Wooden micro houses? These all seemed interesting to us, and apparently they’re part of some of the most unusual campsites around the world taking place in New York, Spain and France, respectively. Check out this CNN story for more.
  • Since the flooding, the industry has seen a few events sponsored by ActiveBoulder around town. Though it was defunct for a little over a year, the organization is being revived and plenty of industry companies are jumping on board to volunteer and be part of its events. Check out this Boulder County Business Review story on the group.
  • It’s not a secret that the industry lacks diversity — both ethnic and gender — so this story goes deeper into how to break the mold and start hiring more women. It’s a recap of a panel hosted by Deanne Buck at OIA’s Rendezvous that has some relevant tips.
  • What are the 51 best treks and hikes around the world? Photographer Claes Grundsten thinks he has the answer in his book titled “Trekking.” Though the author of this story said the book is sorely lacking in technical details about each hike but there is no lack of artistry in the photos.

Did you read anything awesome this week? Email us because we want to read it, too!