SNEWS 2008 Summer Fitness magazine

Download articles and more featured in the Summer 2008 SNEWS Fitness magazine.

  • Trends: Cardio “That’s Entertainment” — Consumer demand is prompting more suppliers to integrate entertainment technology features into fitness equipment.
  • Trends: Strength “Work It Out” — With their compact aesthetics, fold-away gyms could be poised for big things in the fitness marketplace.
  • Trends: Yoga “Within Reach” — Fitness retailers don’t have to bend over backward to successfully sell yoga products.
  • Special Report: “Genericide” — Trademarks face trouble when they become generic terms. Keys to brand vitality: protect your mark, avoid confusion, be careful what you say.
  • SNEWS Product Zone — Featuring products from Accufitness, Afterburner Fitness, Grip Pro Trainer, Iron Grip, Lube-n-Walk, Natural Fitness, Octane Fitness, SportsArt, Spri, Valeo, Volume Fitness and Yoga Stick-e Socks.