SNEWS® Cartoon Corner: Long-term fitness goal

The SNEWS® Cartoon Corner -- Sometimes, planning ahead can be taken just a bit too far. By Jerry King.

Jerry King’s client list includes Disney, American Greetings, The United States Golf Association, Better Homes and Gardens, The Saturday Evening Post, National Enquirer and Women’s World – oh, and of course, now SNEWS®. Aside from greeting cards and magazines, King is the author and illustrator of seven nationally published cartoon books, the illustrator of 10 children’s books, and one of his characters has even been made into a stuffed animal. He also has received the National Cartoonist Society Magazine’s Gag Cartoon Award for 2001. We could go on but King is starting to dig his toe into the ground and mumble, “aw-shucks.” If you would like to suggest any topics for Jerry to cover in an upcoming cartoon, or have any comments or feedback, or if you consider yourself a cartoonist and would like to see your work published in SNEWS®, email us at