SNEWS® Cartoon Corner: Stupidity is a matter of perspective…

The SNEWS® Cartoon Corner -- Stupidity is a matter of perspective when it comes to computers. By Randy Glasbergen.


Randy Glasbergen is no stranger to many with his “The Better Half” and “Thin Lines” syndicated cartoons. And now SNEWS® readers will be able to enjoy his fitness and health creations occasionally. He began his professional cartooning career at the ripe old age of 15. While still in high school, his cartoons were published regularly in major magazines such as Saturday Review, The Wall Street Journal and Saturday Evening Post. Today, Randy’s work appears in magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, calendars, medical journals, textbooks and advertising worldwide. Randy lives, works and diets in a creaky old Victorian house in a very small town in rural upstate New York, where he must see a lot of doctors and go to a lot of gyms for the inspiration for his work. If you have any comments, or if you consider yourself a cartoonist and would like to see your work published in SNEWS®, email us at