SNEWS Mini-Survey finds green claims not as motivating to industry buyers

Our mini survey finds green and eco-friendly claims may not be as important as suspected when it comes to industry buyers making their purchasing decisions.

The SNEWS® Mini Survey that ended Sept. 28, 2009, asked our readers, “How important are ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ claims to your buying decisions?” Somewhat surprisingly to us, given how important a green and sustainable business is to so many of our readers, only 25 percent answered “Extremely” while 31 percent answered “Not at all.” Fourty-four percent responded that green and eco-friendly claims were “Somewhat” important when making buying decisions.

Could it be that there is just so much greenwashing and truly uncredible green marketing hype proliferating the consumer and trade product market that just making a claim of being green or eco-friendly just isn’t enough for most folks anymore? Seems to be, and that’s a very good thing if true. Time for the posers and those companies whose products are layered in green marketing hyperbole with little or no substance to move on and move out.

As for a second question, “Do consumers ask about the greenness or eco-friendliness of an item?” 75 percent of our readers said no, and only 25 percent said yes. 

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