SNEWS Qs, Retailer Edition: Chip Hunnings, Colorado Home Fitness

Periodically SNEWS chats with specialty retailers to ask five questions about their business and which products are flying off their showroom floors. This SNEWS Qs features Chip Hunnings, president, Colorado Home Fitness, Denver, Colo.

Chip Hunnings

President, Colorado Home Fitness, Denver, Colo.

What are some of the best-selling items in your stores?

Category-wise, treadmills and ellipticals lead the way by a long shot. We’ve been doing surprisingly well with strength. We’ve been talking to other retailers and strength hasn’t really been good for them, but it has been good for us. I think a lot of it has to do with [the fact that] people in Colorado understand the concept of strength training being just as important as cardio. Plus, we try to package them together a lot in the stores.

What do you foresee as being some of the big trends in equipment in the next year or so?

Certainly I feel like there’s going to be more interaction, whether it’s tablets or iPhones or smart phones or something like that. There will be more applications that are truly designed to run the product more so than just being where you could plug your iPad in and watch a movie.

How has this year been for business in your stores?

The two existing stores in this short period of time, the first two months, are up 8 percent over last year, so we’re definitely trending up. We’ve seen an increase in traffic; there hasn’t just been bigger sales. There are actually more people coming to the stores.

How does Colorado Home Fitness participate in the community?

We usually are trying to be involved in a lot of different things through our customer base. We’ll find opportunities to donate items for auctions — there’s one taking place at Sladens School and we donated some items there for their auction to raise money for their school. There are some other schools that have runs to raise money for their health and fitness departments, and we’ll usually participate in those as a sponsor.

What are some of your goals for the rest of the year?

Lots of sales.

–Ana Trujillo