SNEWS Qs, Retailer Edition: Peter Chamberlin, Natick Outdoor Store

Periodically SNEWS calls up specialty retailers to ask five questions about their business and which products are flying off their shelves. This SNEWS Qs features Peter Chamberlin, manager at Natick Outdoors Store.

Peter Chamberlin


Manager at Natick Outdoors Store, Natick, Mass.

What are some items that are selling really well right now? 

You know what winter’s been like in New England? It hasn’t. There’s been so little selling regarding the season. The strong items are same strong items that are the same as for everybody else like the Smartwool socks. It is such a weird year. We had our first snowstorm last night and it was only two inches.

How has the store done in the first few months of the year?

Terrible. We survived because we’re well diversified we still sell ice fishing equipment but even that’s not doing too good. Fair – that’s the best we’ve done.

Do any of your customers come in and ask specifically for certain staff members?

Oh, absolutely. We definitely see that. Our average employee has been here 20 years and they’ve developed good relationships with customers.

How do you establish good relationships with customers?

Truth of the matter is, it’s familiarity and certainly product knowledge. Those are the two things without question. We certainly know what we’re talking about and we’re here all the time.

What trends do you think will be popular in the coming months?

The big thing in the next few months for us will be team sports, which doesn’t really relate to [SNEWS]. And also for us the water sports will start up – canoeing, kayaking and fishing.

–Ana Trujillo