Elevator Pitch: Appalachian Gear Company

Stay warm, dry, and stench-free with Alpaca shirts, hoodies, and beanies.

Ice climber wearing Appalachian Gear Company hoodie
Appalachian Gear Company

Ride the elevator with John Gage, co-founder of Appalachian Gear Company.

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The over-use of synthetic fibers in garments has led to microplastic pollution. We felt the time was right to highlight the benefits of alpaca—nature’s best performance fiber. 

Last year, we introduced All-Paca shirts, fleece hoodies, and beanies—a completely new class of performance fabric crafted from 100 percent Alpaca Fiber without the use of synthetics. Our Patent Pending lightweight All-Paca jersey and fleece fabrics are engineered by nature, designed for the trail, and manufactured with an environmentally-responsible process in our factory located in North Carolina. 

Alpaca fiber is naturally strong, moisture managing, temperature regulating, odor-resistant, lightweight, flame-resistant, and hypoallergenic—more so than merino wool, of a similar fiber size. Its features combine to create a material that is perfect for a comfortable garment with strong seams that performs under extreme conditions. Plus, Alpaca insulates even when wet. In warm weather, our lightweight All-Paca Shirts breath exceptionally well, allowing perspiration to evaporate and dry very quickly. Our All-Paca shirts and fleece hoodies, when used as a layering system, allow for exceptional breathability and warmth during cold weather activities such as backpacking, climbing, biking, and snow sports. Our All-Paca fleece beanies are so light, you forget you have them on, yet they keep you warm.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a trail blazer, or a nonstop adventurer, you shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag. Nobody likes to chafe, stink, swelter, or freeze.

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