Elevator Pitch | Magnetic ski racks

Ride the elevator with Lorin Paley, founder of Real Adventure Design (RAD).

Real Adventure Design magnetic ski racks
Real Adventure Design’s walnut, aspen, and steel ski racks store your skis or snowboards in style by holding them securely against the wall with high power magnets.Real Adventure Design

Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts own lots of gear. Our valuable gear should be kept in great shape when not in use. Falling skis or damp boots and gloves can lessen the life and performance of our gear. And unorganized gear can be unsightly and hard to access when we need it. Storing our gear so that it is protected and convenient to use helps us get outside to enjoy our activities and preserves our equipment. Real Adventure Design is dedicated to helping protect and RADically organize our outdoor gear. 

RAD magnetic ski racks
The Meaden 2 design, a rustic magnetic ski rack with a drip tray from $300.Real Adventure Design

Real Adventure Design’s Meaden ski rack — named after a peak near Steamboat Springs, Colorado — and Timpanogos ski rack — named after a mountain near Park City, Utah — are crafted from figured walnut, aspen and steel. Skis or snowboards are held securely against the rack by powerful magnets, which are embedded in the rack so the ski edges are protected.

Ski poles and other equipment hang conveniently from the aspen or steel posts. A drip tray protects the bottom of the ski and the floor from moisture. Save space, protect you gear, and enjoy the beautiful design of these hand crafted ski racks by Real Adventure Design. We also makes a line of boot driers with the same beautiful design and great functionality. The Hahnes Peak and Square Top boot driers use fan driven ambient air to dry boots and gloves without damaging heat sensitive materials. Our boot driers look great anywhere in your home.

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