Elevator pitch: Mr. Steak Portable Grill

Spice up any camping, tailgating, or road tripping adventure.

Mr. Steak burner
The Mr. Steak Portable Grill comes in one-burner and two-burner models.Mr. Steak

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Ride the elevator with Mick Scully, founder of Mr. Steak.

Just in time for grilling season, Mr. Steak has announced a new line of portable grills now available nationwide exclusively online and in-stores at Bass Pro Shops. Known for their stunning build, ultra-durable construction, and technologically advanced infrared temperature control, Mr. Steak is bringing its cutting-edge design to a portable grill— available in one-burner and two-burner models—sure to make any outdoor adventure more delicious.

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Thanks to 1,000°F of infrared grilling technology, the Mr. Steak Portable Grill delivers a professional cooking experience on the go. Its compact size—smaller than a standard cooler—is ideal for campsites, tailgates, road trips, and more. Developed to bring the same technology used by steakhouses into the hands of adventurers and outdoor-loving cooks, the Mr. Steak Portable Grill is constructed with an array of superior features, including:

• Radiant infrared heat, able to reach up to 1,000°F in one-to-two minutes and cool down in approximately five minutes

• Advanced ceramic infrared burners that deliver up to 14,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units)

• Sturdy industrial design with non-skid legs that easily fold up for seamless transport to make for more stable cooking surfaces

• Safety lock and stainless steel grates to prevent flare-ups and to collect juices and marinades keeping the meat tender

• State-of-the-art engineering and stylish look that makes the grill a showpiece for any outdoor experience

The new grill joins a portfolio of patio grills, ranging from three-burner to five-burner sizes, along with a full line of premium utensils, accessories and steak seasonings. The Mr. Steak 1-Burner Infrared Portable Grill retails for $229.99 and weighs 29.5 pounds. The Mr. Steak 2-Burner Infrared Portable Grill retails for $329.99 and weighs 49 pounds.

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