Elevator Pitch: Rinse Bath and Body Co.

How often do you show your feet some love after a hike? Probably not often enough. Ride the elevator with Rinse's founder, Heather Swanepoel.

Rinse Bath & Body deOdor
Rinse Bath & Body’s deOdor is all-natural.Courtesy of Rinse Bath & Body

The outdoor industry promotes a healthy, active and environmentally friendly culture. At Rinse Bath & Body, we produce natural products that focus on the same things. 

All of our products are intentionally made with the best ingredients, are easy to travel with and are formulated to solve more than one of life’s problems whether you are at home, traveling or on the trails. You can put your mind at ease knowing that what is being applied to your skin (and absorbed by it) is safe for you as well as the water you may find yourself jumping into. It is also reassuring to know that you do not need to sacrifice effectiveness for naturalness. 

Our natural deodorant really works, our Peppofoot Stick moisturizes cracked and calloused feet as well as tends to sore muscles, our ready-to-use essential oil roll-ons help to naturally alleviate common ailments like allergies, bug bites and even migraines and of course our natural bug deterring spray and oil actually do keep the pests at bay. Priced to be obtainable by most, conveniently packaged to be used anywhere, our goal is to become the daily-use product of choice for all.

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