Elevator Pitch | The New Primal Jerky

Founder Jason Burke tells us why the protein-packed jerky free of antibiotics make for an ideal snack on the trail.

The New Primal Jerky
The New Primal jerky and meat sticks are made without GMOs, soy, hormones, and antibiotics. Courtesy

A pioneer in grass-fed beef jerky snacks, The New Primal brings a fresh approach to an old favorite by crafting meat snacks that are certified gluten-free, paleo-friendly, artisanal quality, and minimally processed.

The New Primal Jerky
This Habanero Pineapple jerky stick is only 100 calories and 6 grams of protein.Courtesy

While The New Primal begins with jerky, our core mission extends to an entire way of life that emphasizes simplifying and fueling world adventures wherever they may take you. We care about the environment and your well being just as much as you do, so our products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and proteins that are naturally raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Crafting whole, convenient and tasty snacks including jerky, meat sticks, Snack Mates and marinades from ingredients you can trust, we are a company founded on honesty, transparency and integrity. Ultimately, our aim is to inspire everyone who encounters our brand to make better food choices–beef jerky and beyond. You are what you eat.

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