SNEWS Review: Ultra Reflective Race Hat, Ultra Reflective Supervisor and Super Duty Race Hat

SNEWS reviews Headsweats’ Ultra Reflective Race Hat, Ultra Reflective Supervisor and Super Duty Race Hat.

As soon as three Headsweats products arrived for testing, the SNEWS team promptly put our trusty New Balance running hat and Nike running visor into storage and they haven’t been seen since.

SNEWS tested three different items: the Ultra Reflective Race Hat, the Ultra Reflective Supervisor and the Super Duty Race Hat.

We received the products at the tail end of winter when the sun was still nowhere to be found during our morning runs. As such, our female tester, who runs very early in the morning in the Denver Metro area, tested both Ultra Reflective Race Hat and Ultra Reflective Supervisor.

The criss-crossed reflective lines on the Headsweats proprietary Eventure Reflective Fabric, which was on the sides of the Ultra Reflective Race Hat and the brims of the Ultra Reflective Supervisor, kept our tester safe crossing several streets full of distracted drivers as she made her way to the Platte River Trail. While safely on the trail, the items kept her visible to early-morning cyclists.

The super lightweight Ultra Reflective Race Hat was her favorite. It’s Coolmax fabric shell and 2” terry sweatband lining the inside of the product effectively absorbed and wicked away sweat during long winter and summer runs. The adjustable rear buckle with ponytail portal made it so she could adjust the product to fit perfectly.

Our tester even used it at the gym in lieu of a sweatband and found she didn’t need a towel to constantly wipe the sweat pouring from her head as she killed it on the treadmill. AC or not, one can still work up a blinding sweat at the gym.

One downside, however, was that sometimes her sunglasses pushed the product up, leaving it unable to do its job of keeping sweat out of her eyes. But on runs in the dark, it was able to do this job perfectly.

The visor wasn’t her favorite. Though it had all the same features as the hat, including UV sun protection and the Coolmax fabric shell and terry sweatband on the inside, it just didn’t have the same level of comfort. One thing it was lacking was an adjustability feature. Instead of the adjustable rear buckle with ponytail portal, there was an elastic band keeping the product on her head. It made for a tight fit with all her unruly thick hair.

Our male tester, who did the bulk of his runs to test the product in the mountains of the San Luis Valley, said the Super Duty Race Hat’s Coolmax fabric shell won him over as it kept his head warm on cooler mornings by wicking away the sweat, but magically kept it cool during the hotter summer runs. Unlike with our female tester, the item’s 2” Coolmax terry sweatband that lined the inside of the hat, kept the sweat from his eyes whether he was wearing sunglasses or not. Perhaps our female tester needs to get some new specs.

Neither tester reported any types of sunburns on their heads or faces while testing the Race Hat items, showing the UV sun protection did its job. Plus, the black fabric lining under the visor of the Super Duty Race Hat reduced the glare in the sunny state of Colorado.

Both testers said the hats fit their heads comfortably as the products featured easy and secure adjustability. All products have survived numerous machine washes and still don’t look much different than they day we took them out of the box, earning themselves four thumbs up for durability. Plus, the bills have managed to retain their shape. Gross as it may be, the hat also does a good job of not holding onto stench, as sometimes we can’t wash our running gear after every run. 

Suggested Retail: Ultra Reflective Race Hat (MSRP $25), the Ultra Reflective Supervisor (MSRP $23), and the Super Duty Race Hat (MSRP $22)
SNEWS® Rating: Ultra Reflective Race Hat: 5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection); Ultra Reflective Supervisor: 4 hands clapping; Super Duty Race Hat: 5 hands clapping

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