On The Go Bottle (OTG) by Nalgene

The ultimate in mobile hydration by Nalgene.

The Nalgene OTG is perfect for anywhere you go. It’s the ultimate in mobile hydration. It is a polycarbonate bottle, so that means great taste, that will fit in your bike cage. It will fit in most car cup holders, and it will fit into cup holders on most exercise machines. You can flip the top open with one hand for easy drinking, on the go. * Holds 24 ounces * Weighs 121 grams * Sports a sleek, slender profile * Allows for easy one handed operation * Opens and closes with flip-top lid to eliminate 99% of leaks * Lets you enjoy the flavors of your beverage, not your bottle * 2590-1024 is Slate Blue * 2590-2024 is Sage Green Made with Polycarbonate * Extremely durable * Resistant to staining * Resistant to retaining odors * Recommended for “extreme” adventures * Dishwasher Safe (top rack only) * Withstands temperatures from -135ºC (-211ºF) to 135ºC (275ºF)