OTZ Shoes

OTZ footwear is based on the famous “Oetsi Iceman” found in the Italian Alps. Oetsi was 5300 years old at the time of the discovery in 1991; amazingly, his footwear was intact . We have used it as a basis for our modern approach to design. Our thinking represents an opportunity to return to truly elegant and simple constructions, and a rare chance to re-think all the techy gizmos that are now the denominator in footwear. Our shoes are simple, functional and utilize the best materials available. We are LOHAS inspired and try to tread lightly everywhere we go. We have a very interesting and eclectic outdoor grouping and are always interested in showing the product. 

Melissa Solano is the VP of OTZ Sales: tel:407 520 1516

Bob Rief


310 456 9100

Malibu, Ca

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