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Ride the elevator with founder Drew Hollenback to hear why his tenkara gear is the next big thing in fishing.

We at Tenkara Rod Co. have revolutionized tenkara fishing products by making them stronger, simpler and extremely portable. We’ve re-engineered the design of tenkara rods to make this style of fishing accessible to a far greater audience than ever before, and we have inspired a spectrum of athletes like climbers, backpackers, and mountain bikers to incorporate fishing into their respective sports. 

Our rods are made from high-grade carbon fiber that’s light, strong and allows us to offer consumers a variety of different flex ratios, from a very soft flex that makes catching even the smallest fish a blast, to stiffer rods with a faster action for more control. Our rods also telescope down to a very packable size. Our smallest model, the Mini Sawtooth, telescopes down to just 13.5 inches, which is a game changer for anyone who likes to fish on trips where weight and volume are key. Our rod packages take up very little space and come with everything you need to start fishing, including a tenkara-specific hand-braided fly line, tippet, flies, and even a line holder. Our products make fly-fishing in the backcountry an easier, simpler experience. 

Tenkara Rod Co. founder Drew Hollenback showing off a Burbot he snagged in a little Swiss river using one of his rods.Courtesy

We continually try to breathe new life into this ancient style of fly-fishing that had been all but forgotten up until a few years ago. Tenkara is a highly effective, yet very simple way to catch fish, but modern fly-fishing technology had not been applied to the tools required for this particular style until recently. By giving this style of fishing a much-needed 21st century update, we’re trying to raise awareness and ultimately revive a lost art. We are stoked to see this trend catching on and we will keep innovating products that help more outdoor enthusiasts discover and try their hand at tenkara fly-fishing.

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