Tunturi T60 by Accell Fitness

The Tunturi T60 '08 is a beautiful design with several programs and “smart” functions.

The Tunturi T60 ’08 is a beautiful design, several programs and “smart” functions including Position Speed Control (PSC). New orthopedic belt in easy to maintain black color.

* Position speed control (PSC): Tunturi’s patented hands-free speed control system: machine slows down when the user slows down and accelerate when the user speeds up the pace
* Fully shock absorbent T-Flexâ„¢ running deck
* Orthopedic belt provides less impact on the users joints
* Simple folding mechanism with a safe double-locking system immobilizes the belt – superb safety feature for families with children
* Console with wide variety of programs, including Cooper test and 2 km walking test
* Accurate heart control programs, chest belt is included
* Use of high quality materials. The product is hand built in Europe
* Stylish Tunturi Sand Gold color
* Large control keys within easy-to-reach distance during training.
* Maximum speed of 20 km/h or 12 mph with 3.0 HP (S2 30 min) motor and 12 % incline