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Climate justice starts in our communities

On this episode of Her Voice, host Leslie Barrett talks to Brown Girl Green founder Kristy Drutman about intersectional environmentalism and climate justice.

Kristy Drutman is an environmental activist and educator working to change the image of what it means to be an environmentalist in the 21st century through her platform Brown Girl Green. She is a content creator with a podcast, blog, and YouTube channel where she educates audiences on intersectional environmentalism, environmental racism, and climate justice.

In this episode, host Leslie Barrett chats with Drutman about her work and what we can learn from it. Some highlights:

  • The importance of Brown Girl Green as a space to amplify the environmental work of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (0:43)
  • How environmental justice seeks to give access to clean air, water, and soil for people within our communities (4:55)
  • What companies can do to incorporate intersectionality in their environmental efforts (6:45)
  • How finding ways to make activism sustainable is the hardest and most important part of environmental work (8:15)
  • Tips on how to make sure your activism is inclusive (9:15)

About the series

Since 2019, Outside Business Journal and LifeStraw have partnered to share the stories and experiences of women in the outdoors to work toward a more equitable future for the industry. We’d like to welcome you to the second season of Her Voice. Episodes will be dropping regularly as we chat with a variety of women.

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