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Pride 2021 spotlight: Human Rights Campaign

This advocacy group, 3 million members strong, fights for a world where "every member of the LGBTQ+ family has the freedom to live their truth without fear, and with equality under the law."

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Throughout the month of June, we’re highlighting organizations and initiatives that advocate for greater outdoor access among the LGBTQ+ community. Today’s feature is Human Rights Campaign, an organization with millions of members that fights for the rights of queer Americans.

If you’re looking to become an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, a great place to start is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Founded in 1980 and boasting more than 3 million members, HRC is one of the nation’s leading advocacy organizations for queer Americans. Throughout its history, HRC has played a major role in combatting “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies; making marriage equality the law of the land; and other initiatives.

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Even in 2021, federal law still does not protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Many of our favorite places to recreate operate under state and local policies that proactively discriminate against members of the LGBTQ+ community, reducing access and belonging.

Right now, advocates in Congress are working to pass the the Equality Act to ensure that LGBTQ+ folx are legally protected from discrimination in the workplace, housing, financing, education, and even in sports. Unfortunately, the bill is currently stalled in the Senate. Here are four easy actions you can take right now to help get it passed.