Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Sexual misconduct and gender bias in the outdoor industry

Have you experienced or witnessed bad behavior in your outdoor adventures or career? Our confidential survey is a safe space to share your story.

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As part of an investigative series examining sexual misconduct (which includes sexual harassment and sexual assault) and gender equality in the outdoor industry, SNEWS is conducting a survey of all members of our professional community. Over the last nine months, through 80+ hours of interviews with men and women who work in all channels of the outdoor industry, we have heard many first-hand accounts of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and workplace bias. We have also encountered many people who have declined to tell their stories on the record for fear of repercussion.

That’s why the data we glean from this survey is important: We need to quantify the extent of these problems and provide data that will drive the kind of discussion that will–hopefully–eradicate those fears and pave a road to a healthier, safer, more gender-balanced industry.

Safe Outside
In partnership with the #SafeOutside movement, SNEWS has launched a survey about sexual misconduct and gender bias aimed at those who work within the outdoor industry.

Building on the momentum from #SafeOutside, a grassroots initiative driven by the outdoor communities to combat sexual misconduct, and responding to the community asking for more in-depth data, we have partnered with the same researchers to develop and launch a survey focused on the experiences of those who work in the outdoor industry. Whether or not you have experienced these behaviors, your participation matters, and it will help us share an accurate picture of the outdoor industry with SNEWS’ readership.

Your privacy is sacred. All responses are anonymous and will only be reported in the aggregate—unless you specifically indicate that it’s okay to reference your comments by name. You will have the option of providing details with stories you choose to share, as well as engaging with us and others in follow up, solutions-based work. At no time will SNEWS staff have access to the raw data collected in this survey; we will only see aggregate reports. Only a survey expert at our parent company Active Interest Media, and a data scientist from #SafeOutside will have access to the raw data.

Our survey takes just a few minutes (less than two or up to 10 if you choose to share more detail). We ask that you complete it before November 19, 2018.

Thank you for your time and candor. And thank you for helping us understand how we, as a community of people who work towards the common goal of getting more people outside, can improve and grow.

If you’d like to contact us directly, email snewsedit@aimmedia.com.