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A surefire way to add $60 to 64 percent of your sales

Most people wearing prescription glasses don’t have proper sun protection. Jonathan Paul® Eyewear is changing that.

A customer walks into a store and within seconds of the doorbell warning jingle, the store employees can identify a product to sell this person with a single glance; no conversation required.

It almost sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

According to the Vision Council of America, nearly 64 percent of Americans wear prescription glasses. This represents 159.2 million people, or basically, two-thirds of your friends. Moreover, the Vision Council also reports that an interest in contact lenses and LASIK surgery is on the decline while prescription eyewear sales increased by 10 million during the five-year period between 2010 and 2015. According to the data, the number of eyewear users is growing just as fast as the rate of growth in the adult population. Chances are very good that this enormous demographic wants to use their spectacles while frolicking outside, too. That’s where fitover sun protection enters the equation.

The Element Tortoiseshell collection is one of Jonathan Paul Eyewear lines designed for medium sized glasses.  

Founded over 25 years ago in Australia, Jonathan Paul Polarized Fitovers started a new category of eyewear in response to the intense Aussie sunshine. Already popular in fishing circles thanks to the polarization’s ability to see below the surface of the water, fitovers are still relatively unknown to the rest of the outdoor arena giving outdoor retailers the chance to dip into a new market. With over 25 frame styles in 44 color combinations, Jonathan Paul Polarized Fitovers are high-quality sunglasses that sit right over top of existing prescription lenses. This allows consumers to maximize on the vision benefits of their prescription lenses while still protecting themselves from the extreme sun glare.

Meet your store’s needs – and the customer’s

At first glance, the concept of fitovers feels unusual. But, considering that fewer than 15 percent of prescription lens wearers will invest in prescription sunglasses, fitovers become the perfect solution. It is an easy sale for retailers to identify since you can understand a customer’s needs simply by looking at her. In offering this service, retailers can easily add $60-70 on to existing sales for two-thirds of the population without much additional effort.

Moreover, adding fitovers is an easy addition to any store since the majority of outdoor retailers already boast a number of racks displaying outdoor eyewear. It is beyond simple to co-display fitovers next to the eyewear, increasing sales dramatically.

Man stands on hillside and holds camera with a setting sun glows in the background. His hand is resting on his fitover sunglasses on his forehead…
Fitovers rest easily over prescription lenses making it simple to cut the sun glare and still see clearly. 

Carrying fitovers increases value to consumers, too. Eyeglass wearers are not accustomed to their needs being met in a standard outdoor shop and usually visit an eye doctor for their optic requirements. Finding a solution to their sunshine-loving problems will be a breath of warm and toasty fresh air.

Fitovers are a low-risk addition

And, there is no downside. Frequently, store owners are faced with difficult decisions when deciding which brand or products to carry in the store. Does this item compete with a different item? Do these brands coexist well or will they cancel each other out? Retailers frequently ask themselves these questions, but the answer is simple with Jonathan Paul Fitovers: they won’t compete with anything else in the store. At present, it is a stand-alone market that isn’t being met in outdoor retail – until now.

It can be difficult to make a lasting impression with consumers, or even just catch their attention. Carrying fitovers is a great way to fill a void and offer a service for customers that separates yourself from the rest of the pack. How is that for seeing clearly?