Five brands found non-profit to conserve future of adventure travel

Adventure travel industry comes together to start new non-profit, the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund.

Several outdoor and adventure travel brands have partnered to create a new non-profit aimed at conserving land around the world. The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund, or ATCF, was unveiled this week at the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) annual World Summit conference, hosted in Juneau, Alaska.

Founding members pledge their support for the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund
Founding members pledge their support for the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. // Photo: ATTA / Hassen Salum

Eagle Creek, ExOfficio, REI, ATTA and UnCruise Adventures are the founding members. ATTA says there is space for three more industry leaders to join on as sponsors for the next three years.

The ATCF will essentially work to offset the harms caused by adventure travel. The organization will fund projects and grassroots efforts to protect the cultural and natural resources of destinations that see large amounts of tourism. By making a concerted effort to protect those resources, the organization will ultimately protect the future of the adventure tourism industry.

“For over 40 years, Eagle Creek has had a heritage aligned to the adventure travel industry and recognizes that the preservation of our natural resources is critical so that future generations can enjoy the amazing benefits of the outdoors and cultural venues,” Roger Spatz, president of Eagle Creek, said in a press release issued by ATTA. “The adventure travel industry has an obligation to take an active role in preserving the places we enjoy today, but also the countless places we don’t yet know around the world.”