An Inconvenient Sequel: Watch the trailer

An Inconvenient Sequel: Watch the trailer

11 years have passed since Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, opened millions of eyes to climate change. Since then, we’ve taken many steps forward and far too many steps back in an effort to stop global warming. This July, Gore hits the big screen again in a new sequel film aimed at re-galvanizing the world before it’s too late.

An Inconvenient Sequel
Al Gore // Photo: Flickr

Al Gore is coming back to the silver screen this summer with a follow up on his Oscar-winning 2006 movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

“The next generation would be justified in looking back at us and asking what were you thinking. Couldn’t you hear what the scientists were saying, couldn’t you hear what Mother Nature was screaming at you,” Gore literally roars in the recently releases trailer.

“We’re seeing a tremendous amount of positive change,” says Gore, referring to major advancements in renewable energy in the last decade. “But it’s still not enough.”

The movie opens July 28, 2017. This trailer (below) will inspire you to get in line for your tickets now.