Bye bye, baby: SNEWS has a new look and feel

The baby is gone. SNEWS® has re-launched its website with a new look we have long known was needed in order to better serve thousands of subscribers, a number growing by hundreds each month. To that end, the baby that was a part of our lore, smirking on news pages and raising eyebrows from those who didn't know the heritage, is now gone. With the new look, we've also officially launched our new division, the Law Review.

The baby is gone. SNEWS® has re-launched its website with a new look we have long known was needed in order to better serve thousands of subscribers, a number growing by hundreds each month. To that end, the baby that was a part of our lore, smirking on news pages and raising eyebrows from those who didn’t know the heritage, is now gone.

Bye bye, baby…

With the new look, we’ve also officially launched our new division, the Law Review. The Law Review will operate as a completely separate business unit within the SNEWS LLC family, led by Jim Moss. SNEWS subscribers can easily add full access to the Law Review to their active SNEWS subscription for only $35 a year. Individual Law Review subscriptions sell for $125 when purchased separately, so the SNEWS subscriber upgrade is a significant savings.

While we’re on the subject of rates, SNEWS has instituted its first rate increase — albeit a small one — in two years. Individual subscriptions are now $165 per year. Group rate subscriptions are $115 and require a minimum of three subscribers to qualify. Corporate subscription plans, with no limit on the number of subscribers included, are now $2,200. As always, GearTrends® members will receive SNEWS subscription benefits as part of a membership plan.

You asked for it, you got it
You asked for it, we deliver: In both the SNEWS and Law Review sites, headlines are separated into two separate and distinct columns: Outdoor and Fitness. You’ll also notice that we have managed to beat the computer into submission so it now eliminates the tiny type some of you experienced. And we’ve made the pages “dynamic,” meaning it not only automatically expands or shrinks to fit your screen size, but you can also expand or shrink it yourself to fit your browser window to meet your preferences.

But wait, there’s more: No, we’re not offering a set of knives with purchase (although sometimes having a few knives in the back pocket could be reassuring), but we have added a few new features and sections we think you will find enjoyable or even downright cool.

>> News Tips: News tips are always welcome, but we’ve just made it easier for you to feed us insider information or ask us to look into something you believe the industry needs to know about – anonymously even, if you prefer. On the left navigation bar, under the heading Nerve Center, you’ll find a link called “Got a Tip?” Click here and our system will kick up a form for you to enter news tips you want the SNEWS team to look into. Yes, you can even submit these tips anonymously, though we recommend you provide us with your contact information in case we have questions — Realize that SNEWS guards our information sources like palace guards protecting the crown jewels. We have never and will never reveal the sources of our information if anonymity is requested. But you also need to realize that SNEWS does not and will not simply print unsubstantiated rumors or tips. And, yes, we always check into both sides of a story — it’s the only way to provide the news in a fair and balanced format. Bottom line: we’re in the business of either substantiating or dispelling rumors for the good of the entire industry, not simply propagating myths and falsehoods.

>>Classifieds: We’ve been told by our regulars that our classifieds perform better than any others in the industry simply because of the quantity and quality of qualified responses. Our classifieds section remains open to everyone to access, not just SNEWS subscribers, but it has developed a reputation as a go-to place when an industry person is seeking a change of weather. We’ve made the classifieds easier to scan by placing the five most recent postings right on the home page at the bottom.

>>Merchandising Hub: You’ve told us you love the merchandising information provided by our contributing editor, Sharon Leicham. So, we’ve created a new section completely focused on merchandising information and named for Leicham’s own merchandising web site,

>>Trade Show News: All trade show news, all the time. No one, not even the trade shows’ own publications, cover the key trade shows as comprehensively as we do. In this section, you’ll be able to quickly access all the pre-show and post-show reports filed by the SNEWS team on nearly every major trade show in the outdoor and fitness industry. If there’s a show we don’t cover and you think we should, let us know.

>>Enhanced Search: We’ve added a “Quick Search” feature on every page, at the top of the left navigation bar. Here, you can enter a term or word you are searching for and our site will quickly kick up applicable articles from both the SNEWS and the Law Review sites — each identified with a small icon so you will know where the article resides. SNEWS and Law Review subscribers who have paid for access to both sites will have unlimited access to articles. Otherwise, you’ll be able to search for all articles, but you’ll only be able to access the articles that reside in the section to which you have subscribed. If you want to drill down more – for example, restricting your search to either the Law Review or to SNEWS, or to a particular date range, or even to limit your search to only outdoor or only fitness — you can by clicking on Advanced Search. Searching our site has never been so easy.

>>Access to GearTrends®: When you log in now, you will see two check boxes under the password entry space: One, “Set cookie to access GearTrends protected areas,” and, two, “Remember this username and password until I log out.” The GearTrends cookie permission box will allow us to place a cookie on your computer so that you can access all the password-protected areas of without having to establish a second account with another username and password. This is useful because we have launched a new section in GearTrends called “2005 New Product Information,” with a link from the right navigation bar in SNEWS under the GearTrends logo. The link will take you to our password-protected new product information section in GearTrends featuring new product information delivered before, during or immediately after trade shows. It will be the most complete source of new product information in one place on the web, updated seasonally/annually, and only accessible by SNEWS subscribers or by GearTrends industry members with an account.

>>Law Review: Simply put, the Law Review will be the finest risk management, insurance and law publication available serving the outdoor recreation, adventure travel, hospitality, fitness and sports industries. We are still in the process of uploading more than 68 articles from the former Law Quarterly, which we purchased in June. Each article has been fully updated by our legal team. While we will absolutely not abandon the fine tradition of high-quality writing for the legal audience, we have dramatically expanded our number of contributing legal experts who are fully capable of crafting information-packed articles that will appeal to subscribers. We are also in the process of establishing a detailed database in our Resource Center to provide our subscribers with a solid place to begin looking when the need arises for an insurance broker, attorney, risk management professional or an expert witness. We will also cover all major legal cases, including those dealing with product liability issues and personal injury, so you can immediately see how a court decision might affect your business. Product recalls will be available and offered as a service to manufactures and retailers to lower the risk of litigation and to keep you informed.

>> Stock Report: Although not new, we’d like to call out this feature we’ve always had (but, unfortunately, it got buried). You’ll find our Stock Report by clicking on a new, separate link on the left navigation bar. There, you can find the current price and high and low price for the year for just about any public company pertinent to our industries that is traded on a U.S. exchange or certain key foreign exchanges. This not only updates prices every 15 minutes, but if you click on the company’s name, you’ll also be lead to that company’s page in Yahoo’s finance area where you can find other information, as needed. On the page you’ll find outdoor, fitness, sporting goods, and retail companies. If there is a company missing you’d like to see, just drop us a note.

All in all, we think you’ll like the changes, additions and redesign. We’d love to hear your thoughts and, as always, we appreciate comments and feedback. As you can see, we do listen! Thanks for being a subscriber.