Did you hear?… Cobra Kayaks has new licensing partnership with Cobra Kayaks East

Cobra Kayaks has a new licensing partnership with Cobra Kayaks East.

Cobra Kayaks has a new licensing partnership with Cobra Kayaks East. Under the agreement, Cobra Kayaks East will open up an East Coast division that will be run autonomously. Using Cobra molds, the new division will produce, market, and distribute Cobra kayaks and provide customer service to Cobra retailers east of the Mississippi and the Gulf States, including Texas, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. The simple goal of the licensing partnership is to better serve Cobra customers by providing them with an East Coast production facility and newly developed freight programs. “To be a strong partner with our retailers, we know it is important that we get them the product they can sell, when they can sell it,” stated Warren Aitken, president of Cobra Kayaks. “It has been difficult in the past because of the expense of moving boats across the country. We’re excited about this agreement and feel that it will accomplish our goal.” The new company is owned operated by Tom Strauss, Ron Norton, and Tom Martell. Basing out of Reading, Penn., the company will have four different warehouses including a main one in Reading, with satellite warehouses in South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. The licensing agreement will be effective Nov. 1. Dealers west of the Mississippi will continue to be serviced out of Cobra’s corporate offices in Gardena, Calif.