Did you hear?… The Tahoe Rim Trail Association announces Adopt-A-Vista Program

Want to put your name on a grand view? How about a view of Lake Tahoe?

Want to put your name on a grand view? How about a view of Lake Tahoe? The Tahoe Rim Trail Association has announced the Adopt-A-Vista Program. For a contribution of $5,000, donors select the vista of their choice through the photo portfolio on the website – These tax-deductible donations will help fund the annual operations of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, including trail enhancement and maintenance, and outreach and education. The Adopter’s name is permanently displayed on a kiosk at the trailhead closest to the vista. Each donor receives a 16-inch x 20-inch framed certificate and photograph that includes a picture of the vista and a map showing the vista’s GPS coordinate. Now, if you’re really want to be remembered, try adopting the highest mile on the trail. That will go for a cool $1 million! This stretch has views not only of Lake Tahoe, but also of the Carson Valley, the Truckee basin, and Mount Lassen on a clear day! SNEWS® View: Now, we think this sounds like a grand way to make a difference, put your name on something worthwhile, and land a fantastic scenic shot for your living room — all tax-deductible. Now, about that $1 million… You can all send your checks to us right here.