Eco Index tool still fine-tuning, taking feedback after six months

After six months in beta, administrators of the Eco Index product assessment tool are still gathering feedback from users. A full launch is likely another year away -- but don’t hesitate to dive in and give it a whirl. SNEWS takes a look at what is happening and what will happen.

Although previously announced as ready-for-launch at the two major 2011 winter shows, the Eco Index is still in a beta version, gathering feedback from users, from small brands to behemoths like Wal-Mart.

Dozens of suppliers and brands attended two meetings at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Jan. 20-23, looking for more information about its progress and use, Amy Kleiner-Roberts, OIA vice president for government affairs, told SNEWS®. The European Outdoor Group will organize similar meetings during Germany’s ispo show, Feb. 6-9.

“It’s useable now,” she said. Still, it remains an assessment tool that must be downloaded and printed out as a spreadsheet, rather than an online tool, which is the dream of committee members.

“We’re working toward a slicker user interface for the online tool,” Kleiner-Roberts said.

In addition, the tool is finding a larger audience than outdoor — with beta users including Wal-Mart, as well as brands in sporting goods, cycling and paddle. After nearly four years in the making, the outdoor industry’s Eco Index has the foundation to become a broader global tool for many industries interested in assessing how green their products and manufacturing methods are.

The full rollout might be delayed until at least mid-2011, and may not happen until 2012, Kleiner-Roberts said. Mark Held, president of the European Outdoor Group, told SNEWS in Octoberthe early 2011 may be over-zealous, considering the quantity of feedback that needs review and the continued influx of users of the beta tool (

“There were pieces that weren’t done yet,” said Kleiner-Roberts. Plus, with interest from other industries, the working groups are looking to make the tool more robust for hardgoods and footwear, broadening its current focus on softgoods.

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–Therese Iknoian