Elevator Pitch: Revelry Experience

Meet the "merry-making" experiential marketing platform helping expose authentic brand personality.

MJ Carroll & Alyssa Seemann
MJ Carroll and Alyssa Seemann met in the marketing department at K2 Skis Global HQ.MJ Carroll

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Ride the elevator with MJ Carroll and Alyssa Seemann, co-founders of Revelry Experience.

Now more than ever people are spending money on experiences over things, especially in the outdoor community where most crave unique and authentic adventures. Experiential marketing is a creative channel to invite customers into your world by directly immersing them with your product or service. Revelry Experience works with your brand to create a platform for these connections. 

The goal through one-one-one interactions is for your customer to feel something and have an emotional (and ideally shareable) moment sparked. It’s a mutual benefit when the experience is positive and translates into the most powerful form of marketing: word-of-mouth. 

Yes, there is an undeniable power in digital marketing, but the need for impressions is overwhelming—especially with the algorithmic systems that exist today. Feeds are saturated with inauthentic targeted ads, making viewers question brand sincerity. The key is memorable engagement at events and activations where real life, real time interactions and shareable content are being created. 

We started Revelry to bring it all back to the basics; to fill a need within our community that is fresh and impactful. As outdoor industry veterans we know how much time, money, and energy events can take, leaving little time to complete your to-do list. Did we mention how lean marketing teams are in our industry? We aim to be an extension of our partner teams, making sure we are relatable, knowledgeable and offer excellence from initial planning stages through execution. 

Revelry Experience
\”Together we enliven the spirit of your vision through the magic of real time connections.\”Zach Doleac

We have managed and executed partner tours, pop-up activations, concerts, trade shows, anti-trade show concepts, virtual reality events, magazine tests, film award shows, press trips, launch parties, panels, summits, gatherings. All in the name of “Revelry,” meaning merry-making; we are mavens at creating memorable experiences that result in sales and, ultimately, brand loyalty.