Fitness Reads: Bouncing to be fit? Are yogis smarter?

Find out what we read this week that was awesome.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Ah-ha! No wonder yoga is getting so popular. In addition to increasing flexibility, muscle tone and fitness for other sports, turns out it boosts brain function. According to this story, after a single, 20-minute session of Hatha yoga, participants increased speed and accuracy on memory and inhibitory control tests. So yogis are more focused, too.
  • We read somewhere that the average American gains 7 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Day. Nobody wants to be average — this is just another reason to be exceptional. Read this article to find out how you and your customers can stay away from the dreaded holiday weight gain.
  • The holidays are almost here, and your sales associates are about to embark upon the busiest shopping time of the year. What is your policy when they’re sick? Certainly it isn’t good for customer service when somebody goes in for a yoga mat and takes home the flu instead. If your associates come into work sick, they’re not the only ones. According to this story about 90 percent of office workers go to work sick even when they know they’re contagious. We’re not sure if that same statistic holds true for retail workers.
  • We were stoked that our older parents recently took up an exercise regimen that has them slim, trim and full of energy. Now that we’ve read this story we have another reason to appreciate their new exercise habits: It will help prevent injuries caused by falls due to all that improved balance that comes along with being fit.
  • Last year there was a ton of debate around the issue of exercise helping people with depression. Last year the news was that it didn’t make a difference. With a new year comes a new take on the subject, and the current opinion seems to be that exercise is good for maintaining mental health. This story recaps findings from a study done at the University of Toronto that analyzed more than 26 years worth of data on people who suffered from depression. Turns out something as doable as a 20-minute walk can ward off the blues.
  • This is one form of exercise you retailers and manufacturers shouldn’t get involved in selling — since it’s most likely illegal. According to this story your customers might be able to burn as many calories in bed as they would on the equipment they bought from you – given someone else is with them. They’re calling it “sexercise.”
  • You’d be hard-pressed to find an article about a centenarian who doesn’t credit his or her longevity to an exercise program. This is just the latest we’ve read about folks who drank from the fountain of youth — also known as exercise — and lived into the triple digits.
  • If you know of any teenagers who are fit and about ready to head off to college, they’d probably fit right in at Virginia Tech. According to this story, Virginia Tech is at the top of The Active Times list of the “50 Fittest College is America 2013.” Apparently it’s due to its fitness programs and healthy dining options.
  • We recently caught wind of this “CEO Pledge,” a national campaign that encourages every CEO in this country to recognize physical activity as an important driver for employee performance and health. Meredith Poppler of IHRSA recently reported that 160 CEOs — including many IHRSA members — have taken the pledge. Has your company?
  • The only trampoline we saw at Health and Fitness Business was on the multistation trainer from Hoist Fitness. Even then it wasn’t for users to bounce on; it was for the user to throw a medicine ball against. But trampolines might start to get more popular these days as we’ve seen articles like this one of late that tout the benefits of bouncing.

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