Fitness Reads: Is obesity a disease? Is working out with your honey a good idea?

Obesity being classified as a disease is hot topic this week, plus is exercising with your spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend a good idea?

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • Obesity has been the subject of much debate lately. This Prevention story talks about the American Medical Association’s decision to label obesity as a disease. Further, a Rodale News story talks about how obesity could, in some cases, start in the womb when a mother exposes her fetus to certain chemicals that promote the development of fat cells.
  • We’ve often been told to avoid workouts before bedtime as it will keep us up. According to this story, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case for most people. Your customers can hop on that treadmill or elliptical (or ride the ElliptiGO outside) that they bought from you, get a nice night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning.
  • So you caught us. Some of us aren’t fans of strength training. We know it makes us better at sports and improves our overall fitness — it’s just a bit intimidating. But we’ve decided to bite the bullet and start. And we’re so sore today we can’t really walk, so we did a little research on whether it’s OK to exercise when you’re still sore. FitSugar had the answer for us in this story: Don’t use soreness as an excuse to skip your planned workouts and eat plenty of protein.
  • Just as we’ve started using some classic strength equipment pieces, we are wondering if they’re obsolete due to all the hype around functional fitness. Club Industry has our back— Pam Kufahl saw the same story we did in Prevention a few weeks ago about “useless” strength equipment. Find out what she has to say here.
  • If you’re in a romantic relationship and looking for ways to get closer to your honey, look no further than your home gym or fitness club. According to this Boston Magazine story, working out with your partner gives you the opportunity to spend quality time together while achieving your fitness goals. If you’re both super-busy and work out together first thing, it’s like kicking off the morning with a date, leaving you both in a good mood to tackle the rest of the day!
  • Speaking of working out with your honey, check out this Men’s Fitness story on how the partner who’s better versed in strength training can help build the strength and confidence of the less experienced partner. Tips include not saying, “Wow, your arms are getting so buff,” unless the goal is to get his/her arms bigger and more buff.
  • This is such an inspiring story from CNN. It features two best friends who collectively lost more than 300 pounds since 2009. Weight loss is never easy, but it’s easier with support. The before and after pics are a great way to inspire customers who may just be getting into exercise. Recruit them to bring in their best friend and get started!
  • We came across this article titled, “Fitness for lazy people,” and were intrigued. First of all, some Saturday mornings we wake up and though we’re usually more than willing to get our workout done, we just don’t feel like it. So maybe we need this “Fitness for lazy people” regimen. This Sun Daily story said HIIT is the ultimate fitness for lazy people as it requires only seven minutes of intense exercise.
  • Altra Footwear, which is owned by Icon Health and Fitness (parent company to Freemotion Fitness) plans to release a children’s line of running shoes that are foot-shaped, ergonomic and won’t squish a child’s foot before it’s had a chance to properly develop. But should kids be running and competing in fun runs and races? This Guardian story addresses that very question. The sentiment seems to be that as long as it’s a child’s decision and he or she can handle the distance, it should be fine. What are your thoughts?

Did you read anything interesting this week? Email it to us because we’d love to read it too!