Innovation Project | Alpenglow Sports

In the 10th episode of The Innovation Project, Alpenglow Sports owner Brendan Madigan explains the alternative motivations behind his community-focused retail shop.

For Alpenglow Sports owner Brendan Madigan, “sharing the stoke” is as important to his business as the bottom line.

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“I think people derive happiness, not from things, but from experiences and relationships,” he says in this episode of The Innovation Project. “It might be a bit hypocritical for someone who runs a for-profit retail establishment, but it’s not about the money for me. If it’s about money, we’re all in the wrong industry.”

That’s why Madigan prioritizes good customer service and a slew of free events that give back to their community and customers. Twice every year, the Alpenglow Mountain Festival gives the beginner and intermediate mountain enthusiast the availability to try new sports and push personal boundaries.

“We feel very strongly that sharing these passions and seeing people have that first experience trail running, or skiing an untracked pow line,” Madigan says, “you can’t put a price tag on that.”

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