Montane debuts 'drone to phone' delivery

Forget drone to home. Montane will deliver to you anywhere within the United Kingdom, even if you’re out on a run.

Montane drone delivery
Montane’s Further Faster Delivery brings products from drone to phone. // Photo: Montane

Why hike into town for a new pack or rain shell when you can have one dropped at your feet on the trail?

Montane announced today that it will soon launch “drone to phone” delivery in the United Kingdom. Starting in June, no matter where you are, you can get a Montane delivery in under 40 minutes, even without a physical address. As long as you’re with your phone, the drone can find you.

Science fiction? No. Awesome? Yes. Creepy? Maybe just a little bit, but definitely not as creepy as that bill Congress just passed to put your browser history on the market.

Montane says it has been secretly testing this technology within the UK and will launch Further Faster Delivery throughout Europe in 2018. Thanks to strict drone regulations in the United States, we won’t be seeing trail drops here for the foreseeable future. But they’re working on it.

“Enhanced batteries and obstacle avoidance technology means that we can guarantee deliveries even in rough weather or to remote locations,” says Montane Marketing Manager Terry Stephenson. “This is a hugely exciting step for Montane and one that will cement the brand as innovative through and through.”

Montane’s Featherlite pack range is, conveniently, already drone-friendly, as it packs into its own lid and has external loops.

“Montane products are engineered to be as light as possible, meaning that you can actually pack a lot on to our Further Faster Delivery drones,” Stephenson said. “We’re hoping this will rejuvenate the market and bring back spontaneity into outdoor adventures.”

“Wait,” you might be thinking. “What about the serenity of the wilderness? Wouldn’t it be ruined by drones buzzing overhead? And sure, backpacks are great, but what if people start ordering pizza and beer when they reach the summit? Where would it end?”

Well, we’ve got good news and bad news for you: It’s a brilliant April Fool’s joke from Montane. It got the whole SNEWS team, one of our freelancers, and an editor at one of our sister magazines, so don’t feel bad if it got you, too.

We knew there was something odd about getting a press release that was embargoed for release on a Saturday. Who releases big news on a Saturday? (The answer is still “no one.”)