Outdoor financials: Jarden reiterates long-term profit guidance

Jarden reiterated its long-term profit guidance.

Jarden reiterates long-term profit guidance

Jarden Corp. (NYSE: JAH), parent of Coleman and the K2 portfolio, said it plans to reach its profit goal of $5 per share by 2011.

“Our business platform is resilient, defensive and diversified, and we have proven strategies for creating long-term growth and value opportunities,” said Jarden’s Chairman and CEO Martin Franklin in a statement.

The company said it expects to achieve its three-to-five-year profit goal of $3 per share it set out in January 2005, and it expects to reach earnings of $5 per share by 2011.

It also expects 3 percent to 5 percent revenue growth, excluding acquisitions, during the period.

“Today we outlined our strategies to grow top-line sales and enhance gross margin by developing new, innovative products, extending brands to leverage existing brand equities, diversifying geographically and expanding distribution channels,” Franklin added. “We see many opportunities for continued sales and earnings growth and will leverage Jarden’s DNA to help us achieve our long-term top-line and EPS goals.”

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