Outdoor Reads: One family's avoid-Black-Friday tradition, and another's year in adventures

Find out what interesting things the SNEWS team read this week.

What did the SNEWS team read this week that other industry insiders might find interesting? Read on to find out!

  • While many Americans were battling it out for low-priced material goods on Black Friday, one California family was busy taking in the spectacular views from atop Mount Diablo. It’s become a family tradition for the Tiscareño family to do something outdoors on Black Friday. Check out this Latino Outdoors post about their excursions.
  • Ski and snowboard equipment sales may be going up in Detroit. This story examines the city’s role in a movie called, “Tracing Skylines,” in which Karl Fostvedt skis in abandoned churches, factories and schools, effectively turning Motor City’s eyesores into urban ski slopes.
  • A trip for a weekend of play in the snow turned into a nightmare for one Nevada family. This CNN story recaps how a couple helped keep four children warm by warming rocks and putting them in a spare tire. The story ends happily with nobody getting frostbite and only suffering from mild dehydration. The children, the story said, thought they were “just camping.”
  • It’s not easy to get motivated for a workout in the morning when it’s cold and dark and your bed is so warm and cozy. But this story has some surefire ways to light a fire to get you going. Some of these winter workout tips include making an investment (we might just go buy those new pair of tights after all) and doing winter activities like snowshoeing.
  • When it comes to marketing winter outdoor recreation, there’s no better publicist than Mother Nature herself, according to this story. Recent cold snaps and winter conditions have led to folks taking skis, snowboards and snowshoes out of storage and putting them to good use, which is good for the team at Bristol Mountain Winter Resort.
  • If you’re in the Everett, Wash., area there’s no need to stop hiking now that the snow has started falling. If your customers are leery about winter hiking, sell them a pair of YakTrax or Kahtoola spikes and show them this article that previews five of the best winter hiking trails in the area, including Ebey’s Landing, which appears to have some spectacular views.
  • We’re not sure there are any families out there that go on more outdoor adventures than the Lanza family. Michael Lanza recaps his family’s outdoor adventures over the past year in this Big Outside post, which includes several breathtaking photos and a couple of expert tips.
  • Take a Friday break and check out this video of nine Chamois goats in France outrunning an avalanche. Their speed will impress you. It’s a good thing we have access to avalanche airbags, because they’re no way we have the skills of these goats.
  • The U.S. freeskiing and snowboarding teams were recently announced — but one notable absence on the roster was Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, according to this story. The team spokesperson said that White, who is currently training for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, has always rode independent of the U.S. team. The official Olympic team will be named in January.
  • The art of invention is fascinating. We come across some really amazing products in this industry and finding out what inspires people to invent them is pretty interesting. This article goes into the mind Rick Stafford, who invented some inflatable snowshoes, and other entrants to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Arctic Innovation Contest.

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